Berlin seven teen, youth culture for C-Heads Magazine

BERLIN SEVEN TEEN “Cologne based freelance photographer obiwolf travels around Germany all the time; he meets new people, spends some time with them and photographs them. For his latest project Berlin delivered the source of inspiration.

“I figured out that especially in Berlin there are many interesting and different people. Above all the teenagers there have a very fancy way of representing themselves. In this age group, where most of them are still in their phase of self-discovery, you can still find a lot of experimental and reckless styles and personalities. Their self-portraits are displayed on popular internet platforms. I considered this topic to be so interesting that I packed my things and went on a 7 day trip to Berlin. In that time I met a different girl every day either known from Instagram or Facebook and portrayed her in my own style.”

His purpose was to document those teenagers in a neutral form that he chose, far away from their own self-projection. The resulting work is a sort of photographic extract of the Berlin teenage culture. obiwolf ́s picture language is absorbing and seems effortlessly natural; never forgetting to capture details and portraying the girls in a thoughtful and peaceful way. Despite still being at that age where they are searching for themselves in these moments they seem like they have arrived.”

c-heads Magazine, Print Issue “Hey Girls”